Monday, March 28, 2011

Biggest Loser Contest ends today!

I'm excited to share that.......... I won the contest!!! YAY me!!! Ive been working out as much as I can and eating right (cheating a couple times) and it has paid off! My results were 17.4lbs lost. We did it as highest weight percentage lost. I came in at 8.97%

How awesome is that! I didn't lose as much as I couldve/wanted too. But I am still happy with where I am at. My workouts consisted of Jillians 30 day shred, Kangoo jumps, treadmill (cardio), hiking (when i got the chance), and any activity that kept me active. I pulled weeds two weekends in a row and man were my thighs sore after and still are!

We are starting another contest next week and I am going to enter this one also. Its great motivation to see everyone in the office eating right and not having junk food in the office anymore! So my goal on this one is 20lbs! I hope I reach it! Once I reach the my desired goal I will post before and after pics along with inches and weight lost. I'm kind of dreading doing that, but its an accomplishment and to show that it can be done!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Growing stuff

Things have been a little crazy lately, I haven't blogged! Ive been so busy that I have nothing to blog about. If that makes sense? I don't want to bore you guys with craziness Ive been dealing with :)
  On a positive note, I took my kids to a Farmers Market that opens up every Thursday down the street from my house. I didn't find any fresh fruit or veggies that looked good, but of course my kids found something they wanted!
Plants! lol.. They somehow talked me into purchasing seeded plants that had started growing a little bit. For $1.50 you take home, plant, and watch it grow. For $1.50 I was ok with it, although Ive never been much of a plant person. We'll see if these make it.....

My son picked a green bean plant and my daughter a red pepper plant
lol.. my son has a goofy face in this one. It was also St.Patrick's day, hence all the green :)

Had to share pic of my son, he looks so grown and handsome! Cant believe he's going to be 8 in 2 weeks! Plus check out his custom made Ben 10 chucks (dad made) Hes proud to be the ONLY owner of them. Ben (aka Dad) even sent him a letter. Said hes been doing so good in school that he wanted him to have a pair of his shoes that no one else has. lol

And just cause I cant help myself.. here's my gordo

(What are you looking at mom?? I'm busy playing with my friends hippo and giraffe! lol)

My other handsome boy and his mini fohawk

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30 day shred

This past Monday I went shopping for work slacks cause mine still don't fit and well I'm tired of wearing tights/leggings. What a disaster that was! Went from feeling good to totally sad/upset/depressed that none of the pants I had picked up fit. I had picked up multiple sized knowing my normal size clearly wouldn't work. After walking out with a size I was NOT OK with. I decided I need to up my game on bringing back my post baby body or at least something close to it. Ive been doing really good on my diet during the week but dam weekends always seem to get me. There's always something going on, going out to eat here, bdays, etc. AND I still haven't found enough time to work out.
So I'm putting my foot down and sticking with my plan 100%!!!!

While at the store I picked up this

it was only $9. I have p90x at home but my body is so not ready.. (that kinda sounds like an excuse- but really those are tough workouts) I started Jillian's 30 day shred last night. It explains to do Level 1 until you have it down, then move on to Level 2 and then 3. Level 1 was pretty good. I was able to stick with her, the only thing she got me on were push ups and the last little bit of jumping rope. So I intend to master Level 1 then move to Level 2. I have also started walking 2 miles on my lunch break.

I am on hunt for Tae Bo DVD's. lol I use to love Tae Bo and do it all the time, I figured I could do Tae Bo with my Kangoo Jumps on.

**I actually also just realized that I could of ordered Jillian through my Netflix plan and saved $9... Oh well. But I found Tae Bo on there. So I will update when I get my Tae Bo and start doing it with my kangoo boots! I will also update on my 30 day experience!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

4 Ways To Be More Adventurous

Article from EverydayHealth

Spring is right around the corner — there's no better time of year to try something new. If jetting off to Paris or trekking the Andes isn't in the budget, here are some low- or no-cost things you can do without leaving town.
  • Try a new food. Opening up your palate to new cuisines is a great way to experience an exotic land without the travel hassles and hefty plane fare.
  • Add some color. Put on a top in a color you're not used to wearing, or buy some new red shoes and a fun hat to brighten your look. Or, head to the salon and get your nails done in a hue that's new for you.
  • Bliss out. There are so many styles of spa treatments: hot stone massage, foot reflexology, sea salt scrub – to name a few. Try one you've never experienced and reach new heights of relaxation.
  • Face your fears. Got social anxiety? Chat up a stranger at the coffee shop. Scared of singing in public? Grab some friends and hit the karaoke bar. You'll feel a sense of accomplishment and might even discover some new friends or an activity you really enjoy.

I get emails from them and thought id share :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Movies & some shopping

This weekend we decided to take the kids to the movies. There pick was Rango!

We went to Tempe marketplace, we cut it a little close to the movie starting so got stuck sitting up front :(
The movie was super cute and funny. I recommend to any one with kiddos or without. Kids really enjoyed it ( I think there favorite thing about movies is all the popcorn and candy they get to eat)
After the movie we walked around and went into a couple stores. My dude was looking for hats and shoes so I joined and got some shoes also :) 
Did I mention I have a shoe problem..........
Charlotte Russe had me at buy 1 get 2nd for $10! You cant beat that, here is what I got

I couldn't decide if I wanted the black or cognac color.. So I went with both :)

And picked up some accessories also. I also got a double finger feather ring, it somehow didn't make into the pics.

How was everyone's weekend? Did you get some shopping in?

My gordo is 5 months today!

Its amazing how fast time goes.. I cant believe hes 5 months already, although hes as big as 9 month or so baby hes still my little baby. He laughs a lot more now, hes eating baby food, starting to pick up things (followed by then dropping or throwing it) He can roll to his side and holds his head up strong at tummy time. I'm patiently waiting for the day he rolls over on his own!

At his 4 month check up he was HIGH on all the percentage stats

Head: 75%
Weight: 95%
Height: 80%

LOL.. But Dr said he is a healthy boy. And that's all that matters!

lol... caught off guard- wearing dads hat

Look at his feet hanging out. My big boy! Love his little J's. I bought dad and baby matching J's for Fathers day last year. (and he of course turned his head as I took the pic)

Look at those cheeks and that smile! He's so yummy!!

Where his hand is 80% of the time. In his mouth! Check out those thighs. Love it!

This is how we look after eating... This happens when he takes a bite then puts his hands in his mouth followed by touching his face! It gets everywhere!

Loving and enjoying every second of him growing. Speaking of time flying my oldest turns 8 in less than a month! Crazy!!! Not to mention Ill be busy planning a bday party.. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shoe closet in progress

Not to long ago I decided to make the guest house into my master bedroom. My house is a 3 bedroom with a guest house attached. But having my 3rd child now we were getting a little cramped. So guest house is now my bedroom, its a work in progress. I decided to make the kitchen in the guest house into my closet, its FAR from being a closet right now.
I have a ridiculous amount of shoes and well aware of my shoe buying problem. First step is admitting you have a problem right?
I haven't decided whether I'm gonna go with making a closet from Lowe's or try Ikea's products. For now I have these little shoe racks that SUCK! This is what happened to my shoes

My rack came tumbling down while trying to get a pair of heels out... :(
I keep the rest on the counter

Its a mess, I know. But Ive run out of space to put them. I decided to get a bookcase and use it as a shoe shelf until I decide what I want to do. At $25 a shelf I thought it would be a good start. If it didn't work I would just put the shelf in the kids room no big deal.

lol.. at my snow boots. I use to live in Ohio - the came in handy when it snowed

I like the shelf makes it look a lot better. Although I now have a pile of shoes on the floor so I think I will have to get another shelf and put them side by side. I cleaned up the counter of shoes so now its just boxes of shoes

Looks neater, just sucks I cant see all my shoes. I forget what I have!
Can you imagine having one of these closets

Id be in heaven if I had something remotely close to these. A girl can only dream.

 Has anyone put a closet together? Any ideas on what works best?

Since were on the topic of shoes, I added these to my collection

Spring Fling Stiletto Heels

Floral Lace Stiletto Heels

Studded Platforms

I'm in love with the spring fling heels. So pretty! My bf gave me an ear full for buying more shoes BUT then said he really like the lace ones. 

While putting away my shoes I decided to get rid of 2 old pairs I had. Get rid of 2 and add 3 more. That means I really only got 1 pair of new shoes.......... lol