Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stop at red and Warnings

So today I got pulled over. The most stressed 30 mins of my day! Ive never been pulled over, so this was new to me. I was heading to my kids school, I got off the freeway looked both ways and turned. As I'm in the middle of my turn I see the DO NOT TURN ON RED sign....

The exact thought that ran through my head was SHIT! and as I think everyone does I proceeded to look around to see if there were any cops around. And just my luck- there was one behind me. Second thought was now F*CK F*CK F*CK damnit! His lights went on and I pulled over. He came over to the window and before I even let him say anything, I said "I know what I just did, I saw the sign as I turned" He asked for my lic. and reg. my hands were literally shaking handing him this stuff. IDK why I was so nervous, I mean I knew everything was legit and had nothing to worry about except getting a damn ticket.

He stayed in his car for a while which got me worried cause really how long does it take to run the stuff?? He comes back to tell me my plates aren't coming up and neither is my vin#.......... then he went back to his car... Can we say my stress level went up right there.. Like WTH is going on?? He then came back to say he didn't know if MVD system was down but he didn't want to hold me up any longer and gave me a WARNING!!! wooossaaaaaa what a relief!!! I happily signed the warning slip (he said it doesn't go on your record) and said thank you!
So now I need to call MVD and figure what is going on!

Anyone been pulled over before?? I hope to say this was my first and last time!!


Random- shoe of the day

My daughter said I looked cute today as I was getting baby into his carseat. Followed by wow those shoes are amazing... Shes 5!!!!! lol

My shoe obsession is rubbing off :/
She'll have a nice collection when she gets older.. If she even wants them....


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Glitter n Gold!

My new addition..
I was drooling over these. Cant wait to wear them!!


Problems posting comments

Anyone else having a problem not being able to post comments? Everytime I try to, it tells me to log back in. I do and still doesnt post my comment. Its kinda frustrating! lol.
Fix it blogger. Please and Thank you


Monday, May 23, 2011

I love Target!!

I go to the store Way to much.. I always forget something or need something.. Target is my go to place! I had to shop for 2 birthday gifts and a baby shower gift, and while I was there I ventured through the baby section. Besides the gifts, diapers and baby puffs. We (me and baby) also got

Circo® Boys' Tribal Skull Laceless Sneaker

How stinkin cute are these!! Finally found a shoe that fits my chunky monkey's feet!

He wore the hat around the store, deciding whether we should purchase it or not.. I did not purchase but might pick up next time!

This was last weeks Target "haul".. At the rate he grows we shop often.
(He's wearing the AC/DC shirt above)

my gordo with his shoes!!! and one of his outfits :)


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Mine was SUPER busy as usual.. Next weekend is Castles n Coasters and possibly Vegas! and then my kids leave for the summer :( 2 months with no kids- well I will still have the baby. It will be quiet in the house!
This is the second time they are going away, It's hard for me cause I always have them.
Any one else have children that go away for the summer?
Any one else addicted to Target?? lol


Friday, May 20, 2011

Juicing and Protein Shakes

I started juicing a couple weeks ago and am completely in love doing it. Its super easy and super good for your  body. I'm pretty good about eating veggies in my diet but what better way to get all that nutrition in than drinking it up in one sitting? I try to juice at least once a day or every other day depending on what I have going on.

My favorite by far is one I kind of made up-


It comes out green, my first thought was this does not look good. BUT its very yummy!

Second one I've been doing is with


Super easy- bonus I have an orange tree so I don't have to spend $$ on this one

Here are some juicing recipes similar to the ones I make-

Cucumber Slim-Down

1 Small cucumber
2 Stalks or ribs of celery
3 Medium carrots (greens discarded)
4 Apples

Craving Buster

4 to 5 Carrots (greens discarded)
2 Handfuls of baby spinach
2 Celery stalks
1 Apple
A few fresh parsley leaves

AND since I love baking I started saving the carrot "pulp"
and using it to bake. I made 2 separate batches of carrot muffins. First ones came out awesome! Second ones not so much.... I included banana in it and something went wrong. It ended up tasting more like banana bread but didn't look so pretty :/

If you haven't tried juicing I suggest you do! Its fun to experiment with fruits and veggies and making different juices.

Ive also got myself hooked on a protein shake I make after my workouts/dinner or breakfast

1/2 cup Dark chocolate almond milk
1/2 cup water
egg white protein powder

Throw it in a blender! and its heaven!! lol




Thursday, May 19, 2011


Has anyone been watching Beverly Hills Fabulous??

This show is hilarious! I DVR it cause its usually late by the time I get to sit on the couch and relax. But its on VH1 not sure what time??

I just saw the season finale where Lolita had gone on a previous date with a Dr who suggested she get the lap band and after some thought she decided to make an appt to possibly go through with the procedure..


While having salon chat, her customer asks why she wants to do that. Love yourself ain't nothing wrong with being big. She said were FAT & FABULOUS = FATABULOUS!! lmao.. How awesome is that!! Love it!

Cant wait for season 2! I get hooked on reality shows- I'm also watching Love & Hip Hop, Khloe & Lamar, Swamp Brothers, I'm sure there's more that I cant remember at the moment. I don't know what id do without my DVR!! Without it id miss everything!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Gordo is 7 months!!

I seriously cant believe my baby is already 7 months! Time flies! Hes become such a good sitter now and super squirmy!! Not yet crawling but manages to turn and drag himself all over the place, or he butt scoots.. lol
He will take any straws, tissue/paper, and remote control within reach and grunts at you if he cant reach it or you take it. Its super cute!
I always get the joke I dont have a baby I have a toddler (cause of his size)... Um no.. I agree he is a big boy but hes still my little baby. Size will not take that away from me.
Currently we are working through a tooth that poked out and crawling- he seems to be pulling himself up in his crib and the ottoman in the living room.. Fingers crossed he does a little bit of crawling and doesnt skip it and go right through to walking!

new shirt- 12 months.. once I wash it im sure it wont fit :/

 so handsome :)

 peek a boo!! I see you mommy!! I was doing my makeup and heard him cracking up, he had pulled himself up and could see me.
pouty face :(


Party with my son (late mothers day post)

Forgot I had this saved-

I got invited to my sons class for an early mothers day party. We got to color and have snacks together.. AND we drew each other! lol.. it was a nice little getaway from work and some 1 on 1 bonding with my son

<--- Its True :)

(BBM pics- if I dont use flash they come out dark if I do use flash there super bright!!)
Check out my awesome drawing skills! LOL

I know im SUPER late. But I hope everyone had a fabulous Mothers Day!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Hello ladies! So my son turned 8 in April (yes I'm a month behind on posting) I'm still in shock hes 8! 8! Makes me feel old. Hes grown up to be a very smart handsome little guy. The kid knows how to drive me crazy and then make me laugh at the same time. The joys of parenthood! lol

This year he chose Peter Piper instead of a park party. Which I was thrilled to do that, park although it seems like it would be cheaper and easier- its not! Park has I think ended up costing me more, buying all the food, decorations, drinks, park fee, bouncies/cotton candy machines and then you gotta clean up after too! Of course it would be cheaper to get no bouncy but really I think that's the only reason he always picks the park. Anyways, Peter Piper was fun, air conditioned (that's important in AZ.. lol) and super easy and affordable.

Sister, birthday boy, and friend


Star Wars theme party! And he chose an ice cream cake

See this thing right here...... It has 3,803 pieces and my jaw dropped when I found out how much it cost. Gift from grandparents

Hes really been into Star War Legos. Has quite a collection and this giant box topped it off!

He got a couple Nerf guns too! Ive been that parent of no toy guns, but I must admit these were SO FUN to play with!! I still don't buy him any toy guns but he has a ton of Nerf guns he plays with.

The kid came out like a bandit! lol He got a ton of clothes, Shoes, Legos, a new DS and star wars game to go with it, Star Wars Wii game, Nerf Guns, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid books ( He into those right now too).

To be a kid again!! Good times :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weekend recaps- Busy Busy Busy

Hi ladies! I just realized I have posted in almost a month! To be honest Ive been busy and the free time Ive had I just haven't felt like downloading pictures. Which I still have to do but here's a little recap of whats been going on.

Last weekend consisted of the kids carnival, girls night out, cleaning and TONS of laundry and cheer competition. Friday night after work I took the kids to there school carnival (they begged- I caved ) But I must admit we had a pretty good time.

A must- Cotton Candy

Face Painting!!

and of course light saber balloons! lol.. Ya I ended up buying 4 of those.. My son popped 2 of them like 5 mins after he got them and my daughter lasted about 30 min before she popped hers. My son some how talked me into getting him one more as we left.. And of course I did

Went to girls night out (finally!) My friend won bottle service at Salt lounge, so we met up and had free drinks and dinner. Nothing crazy but it was just nice to get out of the house and chat with friends.
I'm the second on the right

Bartender made us these drinks. They were sweet with a hint of cucumber..

Cleaning........ I think we all know how that goes. I should open my own laundromat or something. Its insane the amount of laundry I do at my house.

My daughters is in YCOA cheer leading, we have practice every Wednesday and at the end of the semester there is always Regional competition. Competitions are so exciting you get to see all the girls perform, its so cute! So Sunday morning we were there at 8:30 till about 11ish. The one thing I really don't like its the seats.. Gosh about 30 mins in your back and a** hurt!

There are 3 tiers based on how many kids are in group and I believe its 5 or so groups in each tier. My daughter was in the second tier and guess what!!! They placed 1st!!! So state competition here we come!!

My princess!! shes so excited!
Yesterday she had practice and they perform again for anyone that missed it and also give out awards and colored poms.

This is her 4th semester achievement award

and of course not to leave out my gordo

my big boy sitting up now :) hes attempting to hold his own bottle, almost got it

lil burrito!!

hes teething!! drools on everything and anything he can get his hands on goes straight to his mouth!

Random just because-

I bought these shoes almost 1 1/2 years ago right before finding out I was pregnant. Today is the first time wearing them. Love them, there so pretty! BUT they don't love me so much, there hurt like H*LL! I'm ignoring the pain and I type.. lol

Have a fabulous day!