Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rainforest Jumperoo review

I was super excited when the jumper came in, couldn't wait to get my little man in it. It was pretty easy to put together, took 10 min or so (just cause I couldn't find batteries and got interrupted a couple times)
I have to say I wasn't sure about the jumper at first cause my gordo just kinda sat there... with that wth is this look.. His feet barely touched the ground, more like his big toe was the only thing touching the ground. For the first couple weeks he didn't really jump since he didn't reach, but he didn't mine being in it. He just chilled and touched the toys, stared at the parrot that hangs from the top.
Crazy to say that 4 weeks ago he barely touched the ground and now he has full ground contact and jumps like no other. He LOVES it, cracks me up how fast he gets going sometimes. He's laughing, cracking up, drooling all over it, and is absolutely happy in it. You start talking to him and he gets excited and starts jumping. I LOVE it!
About a week ago while the kids were watching a dance show on Nickelodeon and I was getting dressed. I happen to walk out into the living room and caught video of him.. I think hes dancing?? lol

(this is one of the hundred many videos I've recorded- i cant help myself..)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heart Walk 2010-2011 Phoenix, AZ

Event InformationDate:                         Saturday, February 26, 2011
Location:                  Tempe Beach Park
Time:                        Opening Ceremonies begin at 8:30am; Walk begins at 9:00am
The Route:              3-mile Heart Walk and a 1-mile Stroke Walk.

Why Walk?
The money raised through the Start! Heart Walk funds research at local institutions and initiatives that promote the prevention, treatment and better patient care in the areas of cardiovascular disease, the leading killer in the United States. The American Heart Association is the nation's largest voluntary health organization dedicated to building healthier lives, free of heart disease and stroke.

More information
To register, go to
For information, go online or call the American Heart Association at (602) 414-5320 or email

I will be there walking with my coworkers ( my mom and kiddos will tag along) :)
Any AZ ladies attending?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rained in weekend

The weather in AZ lately has been weird and frustrating. One day its cold, next its hot, then cold again and now rain.. Can we stick to one please! Preferable somewhere around the high 70's (its 47 as I type this)

Well this weekend I pretty much stayed home, its complicated going out with 3 kiddos on a good day so the fact that it was raining and wet outside forget about it. I really needed to go grocery shopping and clothes shopping for the baby. My gordo has outgrown almost all of his outfits. But thanks to the rain that was a no go.

On the plus side, caught up on a movies and cooking :) I finally made some pupusas that I had been putting off cause its kinda time consuming

A pupusa is a traditional Salvadoran dish made of thick, hand-made corn tortilla that is filled with a blend of cheese, cheese & beans, meat & cheese, etc.

My grandmother is from El Salvador, and is a pro and making them. I'm still a beginner but the ones I made last night were delish!

My kangoo boot order also came in

lol. my gordo sneaked in this picture (deer in the headlight look)

When I demoed the boots they only had Large I was able to wear them for a bit until they become bothersome, so when i ordered mine I went for a medium and they fit perfect
Chart size is Med (7-9)
Large (10-12)
Idk what small is?
Since I couldn't go anywhere, I opted to wear them around the house while doing chores, did some laundry, washed and put away dishes, danced with the baby, he jumped in his jumper and I jumped next to him in the boots. I clearly did not use them to there full potential but I did feel the muscles working and got a little sweat going.

Thank you rain for keeping me couped in the house all weekend, I enjoyed the time with my family :) but they are not happy about not having granola bars this morning for breakfast. I shall be grocery shopping tonight

Friday, February 18, 2011

Grand Finale

Supporting the boyfriend

This Saturday is your last chance to party at Devil's Martini. Penny Drinks all night long to go out with a bang!!!!!!! Stop in and say goodbye. DJ Madd Rich on the tables for one last time!!Penny drinks of whatever you want till they run out of booze...

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Ive been shopping around for a camera way too long now. I cant decide whether to get a Nikon or Canon. I'm a camera whore.. lol I take tons of pictures, mostly of the kids and outings, and of course who doesnt like to take pictures of themselves.... you  know you do!

I got the new Blackberry torch sometime late January and already am at 200 pics of the kids alone. I had wanted to get the my pictures transferred from old phone to my new one but was told it would take 45 minutes! lol Ya I take too many pics with my phone. I NEED a camera besides the one on my phone.

So back to the subject, I am online weekly reading reviews and trying to decided which freakin camera to get. I want something that's gonna last and good quality but of course at a reasonable price. Anyone have any suggestions???

Friday, February 11, 2011

Biggest Loser update!!

I'm excited to say 6 weeks in the contest and I have lost 15 lbs!! I would like to loose 50 but realistically I am going for 30.

If I had the guts there would be a  ......                                                                   


pic above
But ya not going to happen.. lol Ive managed to stay out of pictures and will continue until I am more comfortable with the post baby body.

So the rumor of eating healthy is true. lol Ive managed to stick with a healthy diet. Well not gonna lie I have fallen of the diet train a couple times but other than that Ive done pretty good. Now I just HAVE to start working out. That would help so much to drop more weight and tone. I have started hiking and patiently waiting for the arrival of my Kangoo boots (did a previous post about them).

Bring on the next 6 weeks!!

ps.. Hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have to say, I am proud of myself for trying something new today.. Sweet Potato!! lol Ive been trying a lot of new foods lately and this is one Ive been wanting to try for a while now. I normally only eat it in fry form.. lol yes
fry form! 

Staxx in old town Scottsdale has the BEST SPfries, The Lodge 2nd best and oregano's 3rd...
yes, I really just gave you spfries in 1st,2nd, & 3rd place.. dont judge me :)

Sweet potato fries are the best!! Way better than french fries. I buy sweet potatoes and slice them, throw some seasoning on them, bake them and wala ( <--- made up word) delicious healthy side or snack. My mom continuously tells me there good eatin like a baked potato. My answer is always my mouth likes them in stick form. lol
Well this morning I was running late and throwing my lunch together. So I grabbed one telling myself today would be the day since there pretty easy to cook in the microwave and if I would have made my lunch the night before I wouldn't be having to eat it today.
7 minutes in the microwave and I have to admit not bad at all! I still like the crispy stick form better but..... the baked potato form is pretty good too. I will be adding it to dishes I make at home.

Thinking back....

I catch myself thinking about my kids a lot. It still amazes me that I have 3 children... 3!! After my first two I told
myself no more!!

My princess now age 5 and as a baby

My "baby" look how cute he is and now looking so grown at 7

Boy, I thought my hands were full then. There were no thoughts of having another one, so when I found out I was having a third. OH MAN was I SHOCKED.. lol

But seeing your child form in your stomach and finally seeing a profile and not a little gummy bear anymore is amazing. You cant help but fall in love

My kids were beyond excited when they found out they were going to have a little brother or sister. I remember sitting at the dinner table and showing them a picture of the ultrasound. I said hey guys look at this, first thing my son shouts out was "hey that's a picture of my kidneys" lol (he had recently gone to get xrays) The things kids say. I explained to them that was going to be our new addition to the family. They already had so much love for the baby, every night at bedtime when I gave them there goodnight hug and kiss they would also kiss my belly and say goodnight to the baby. Adorable <3

I didn't make it all the way up to my due date. Which is a good thing cause I was HUGE couldn't imagine waiting another 2 weeks. Every labor has been different for me. This time was the first time my water had "broken" at home, it actually just leaked. With my first they popped it for me and with my second I barely made it to the hospital and it exploded when I was getting my epidural (gross I know- plus I had her so fast my epidural kicked in AFTER I had her)

My heart melted all over again seeing his face for the first time. No better feeling than finally getting to meet what you've been growing inside of you all this time. Looking at him now he has grown so fast. He was a little guy too, I expected him to be heavier than he was at birth. But hes made up for that real quick. My gordo loves to eat

My life is pretty crazy right now, always on the go, whether its cheer, dance, football, golf, dr appts, bday parties.

Wouldn't let go of her
@ his scrimmage

He loves golf

 I wouldn't change it for anything in the world