Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rainforest Jumperoo review

I was super excited when the jumper came in, couldn't wait to get my little man in it. It was pretty easy to put together, took 10 min or so (just cause I couldn't find batteries and got interrupted a couple times)
I have to say I wasn't sure about the jumper at first cause my gordo just kinda sat there... with that wth is this look.. His feet barely touched the ground, more like his big toe was the only thing touching the ground. For the first couple weeks he didn't really jump since he didn't reach, but he didn't mine being in it. He just chilled and touched the toys, stared at the parrot that hangs from the top.
Crazy to say that 4 weeks ago he barely touched the ground and now he has full ground contact and jumps like no other. He LOVES it, cracks me up how fast he gets going sometimes. He's laughing, cracking up, drooling all over it, and is absolutely happy in it. You start talking to him and he gets excited and starts jumping. I LOVE it!
About a week ago while the kids were watching a dance show on Nickelodeon and I was getting dressed. I happen to walk out into the living room and caught video of him.. I think hes dancing?? lol

(this is one of the hundred many videos I've recorded- i cant help myself..)


  1. Aw he is adorable and def having a blast with that thing oh those are great memories.

  2. Hi Yanina, that's a pretty name. It's my first time here, found you through Latina Bloggers. It's nice to meet you, I'll have to read some of your older posts to get to know you. You look so pretty pregnant....I blew up like a air balloon when I was pregnant, lol. Your kiddies are ADORABLE!

  3. hello, nice to meet you too! thank you for the compliment, i think we all feel bigger than what we are cause i too felt i looked like a ballon. lol

  4. I bought my youngest daughter a jumperoo and she loved it. Its crazy how they get all worked up in it and the kids really enjoy it. This is definitely a great buy! BTW, I enjoy your blog!

  5. THank you!! :)
    it def was a great buy!