Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shoe closet in progress

Not to long ago I decided to make the guest house into my master bedroom. My house is a 3 bedroom with a guest house attached. But having my 3rd child now we were getting a little cramped. So guest house is now my bedroom, its a work in progress. I decided to make the kitchen in the guest house into my closet, its FAR from being a closet right now.
I have a ridiculous amount of shoes and well aware of my shoe buying problem. First step is admitting you have a problem right?
I haven't decided whether I'm gonna go with making a closet from Lowe's or try Ikea's products. For now I have these little shoe racks that SUCK! This is what happened to my shoes

My rack came tumbling down while trying to get a pair of heels out... :(
I keep the rest on the counter

Its a mess, I know. But Ive run out of space to put them. I decided to get a bookcase and use it as a shoe shelf until I decide what I want to do. At $25 a shelf I thought it would be a good start. If it didn't work I would just put the shelf in the kids room no big deal.

lol.. at my snow boots. I use to live in Ohio - the came in handy when it snowed

I like the shelf makes it look a lot better. Although I now have a pile of shoes on the floor so I think I will have to get another shelf and put them side by side. I cleaned up the counter of shoes so now its just boxes of shoes

Looks neater, just sucks I cant see all my shoes. I forget what I have!
Can you imagine having one of these closets

Id be in heaven if I had something remotely close to these. A girl can only dream.

 Has anyone put a closet together? Any ideas on what works best?

Since were on the topic of shoes, I added these to my collection

Spring Fling Stiletto Heels

Floral Lace Stiletto Heels

Studded Platforms

I'm in love with the spring fling heels. So pretty! My bf gave me an ear full for buying more shoes BUT then said he really like the lace ones. 

While putting away my shoes I decided to get rid of 2 old pairs I had. Get rid of 2 and add 3 more. That means I really only got 1 pair of new shoes.......... lol


  1. Aw I am loving all the shoes! Girl you did some damage shoe shopping lol. I need to go get me some shoes for spring.

  2. thank you :)
    the spring shoes sold out that day. glad i ordered when i did, the beauty of online shopping. lol

  3. Love it! I really like the spring fling pumps.. =)

  4. I like your reasoning but I guess I don't have to tell you that gotta stop buying shoes, cause if I do that, then I have to stop buying craft supplies....and that won't happen, lol. Not in a million years, haha.

  5. HOT shoes. I wish I had a shoe closet like that...lord