Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day weekend- Vegas!

Hello all, hope everyone had fabulous weekend!

My weekend started of with my daughters kinder graduation! I'm a proud momma of my little princess!!
Followed by a whole day at Castles and Coasters on Sat. we had sooo much fun! I didn't get very many pics though. Here's one of them on the mini wheel. I did find out this day that my son does not like roller coasters and my daughter is all about them. He kept getting queasy so we stuck to bumper cars, arcades and mini golf!


Last minute trip to Vegas! The drive sucked! lol I hate sitting for long periods of time. My bf wanted to go to support DJ Madd Rich

Lots of day drinking, naps, gambling, bbq's and just plain o fun!

 my super cheesy pose.. lol
 Me & the BF
 more drinks! well beer. I couldn't finish mine I was too full
 I wore a black dress with lace sleeves and lace cut outs with my lovely shoes below. Holy hell do these things hurt. Or maybe it was because I think we walked a mile before eating dinner then had to walk back and then stood, walked and danced around at the club. My feet about fell off! I think around 2am I ended up going back to the hotel room and put flip flops on. Ya flip flops.. lol Then back to the club we went!


my gordo started crawling this weekend!! Little man is everywhere now!

 Likes to pull all the DVDs out. I had to move everything in low reach

What a fun weekend!!