Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My new shoe shelf

Check out my new shoe shelf. Its an Ikea Expedit shelf that retails at $199 I just so happen to see it at yard sale that was going on down the street from my casa. Pulled over real quick when I saw the shelf. Guess how much I paid for it............. $5!!!! Yes, $5 bucks. I was pretty happy with this purchase. The only negative thing is that is extremely heavy and was a pain in the ass to get home and in my closet. I have been working on my kitchen to closet forever now. I did a previous post on how my shoes were just everywhere( I don't know how to add the link???) It stores 4 shoes in each hole. 100 total, but i leave the last 3 bottom holes empty. As you can see in the picture my little ham claimed those as his. He goes in and out of them, whatever keeps him happy and entertained!

This is the mess I had before... The shoes to left were on a bookcase but the good mother that I am I put it in my sons room for his stuff. Yes that's a fridge and microwave. Like I said its the extra kitchen from the guest house that I made into the master bedroom. Plus I still use it for extra food storage. It'll be out soon. Anyone wanna buy a fridge? lol....
Id like to take out the cabinets also or refinish them to look more modern
 I left space between my cabinets and the shelf so i could go on both sides to access shoes. I'm going to be honest, this doesn't house all of my shoes. I left some on the cabinets behind it and on the mini shoe shelf. Prior to this shelf, I had ALL of my shoes in their original boxes stacked in rows. Boxes would eventually become bowed under the weight, and topple over when I'd go to get a pair out. Out of site really is out of mind, embarrassed to say there were several pairs I'd forgotten I owned completely.
This shelf saved me major $$$ on shelving I had just looked at Lowe's about 30 mins prior to finding shelf. Works with the space I have, and has made me a happy girl! Now if I can just figure out what the heck to do with the rest of my closet!