Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thinking back....

I catch myself thinking about my kids a lot. It still amazes me that I have 3 children... 3!! After my first two I told
myself no more!!

My princess now age 5 and as a baby

My "baby" look how cute he is and now looking so grown at 7

Boy, I thought my hands were full then. There were no thoughts of having another one, so when I found out I was having a third. OH MAN was I SHOCKED.. lol

But seeing your child form in your stomach and finally seeing a profile and not a little gummy bear anymore is amazing. You cant help but fall in love

My kids were beyond excited when they found out they were going to have a little brother or sister. I remember sitting at the dinner table and showing them a picture of the ultrasound. I said hey guys look at this, first thing my son shouts out was "hey that's a picture of my kidneys" lol (he had recently gone to get xrays) The things kids say. I explained to them that was going to be our new addition to the family. They already had so much love for the baby, every night at bedtime when I gave them there goodnight hug and kiss they would also kiss my belly and say goodnight to the baby. Adorable <3

I didn't make it all the way up to my due date. Which is a good thing cause I was HUGE couldn't imagine waiting another 2 weeks. Every labor has been different for me. This time was the first time my water had "broken" at home, it actually just leaked. With my first they popped it for me and with my second I barely made it to the hospital and it exploded when I was getting my epidural (gross I know- plus I had her so fast my epidural kicked in AFTER I had her)

My heart melted all over again seeing his face for the first time. No better feeling than finally getting to meet what you've been growing inside of you all this time. Looking at him now he has grown so fast. He was a little guy too, I expected him to be heavier than he was at birth. But hes made up for that real quick. My gordo loves to eat

My life is pretty crazy right now, always on the go, whether its cheer, dance, football, golf, dr appts, bday parties.

Wouldn't let go of her trophy..lol
@ his scrimmage

He loves golf

 I wouldn't change it for anything in the world


  1. such a lovely pics ,, and what a precious lil boy <3

  2. You look great mamma! I love the pregnant pics so pretty. I need to get started having babies.lol.

  3. thank you ladies!

    @aggie- babies are so much fun! what area are you in az?

  4. Girl im in Phoenix- (Laveen actually) I want one so bad but I am scared lol.