Monday, January 31, 2011

Kangoo Boots

A couple months ago when my son was in Football I  had the pleasure of being 8 months pregnant, getting to sit on damp grass and in the hot sun. lol.... It was torture being huge and sitting out there everyday but my son loved football practice. Any who being out there every day you form a bond with other mothers sitting out there. One day one of the moms came to practice wearing these bad boys
I was like wth?? She was a Kangoo trainer and had told me her story about how much weight she had lost with them and how great they are.
I just thought they looked really fun. Unfortunately at the moment I couldn't since I was still prego. Well this weekend I finally did!! My mom got involved in the process of selling them along with her friend who own a gym. (if interested about the boots you can find them here- along with the testimonial of the mom who introduced the boots to us)

So Friday night my mom brought a pair over, and Sat morning my mom, kids, and me on the boots all went for a walk in the park. At first it felt funny to walk in them, you have to balance yourself and hold your tummy in. About 5 mins in and I was good to go. I'm not really a runner its too hard on my knees so typically I speed walk or jog. But with the boots on it was super easy. I raced my kids ( i lost) but they had a blast. My mom of course then gave me a "workout" while the kids played on the playground. Couple interested ppl came up asking questions, my mom of course handed business cards out (i think she used me as a demo out in public...)
When we got home my legs felt like Jello,  my body was exhausted. It felt good to feel sore. I plan to purchase a pair on there next shipment. Pricing start at $250 I believe.

I of course have no pics cause still have no camera..
But here's Kim K and Kourtney when they tried them out

I kinda feel like I rambled on this post... Soo much to explain.. lol
Enjoy! :)


  1. Interesting post I would love to see updates on how this works out for you. Its a bir pricey though at least for I saw the pic of Kim K in the past with these on.

  2. i will! they are pricey but with my schedule I can never make it to the gym so instead of investing money into the gym where i can never make it I figure this is something i can do at home, at the park, pretty much anywhere and burn twice the calories.. lets hope i stick with it