Thursday, January 27, 2011

Funny baby onesies

I like funny baby onesies, I think there so cute on babies.
Yesterday I picked up my gordito with a different outfit than what I had dropped him off in, his tia had bought him this onesie. LOL
( Macho Man, Hunk, trouble... lol too cute)
His xmas ones

I love him in these

Here are some more I found online

I love being able to dress up him in what I want. My kids dress themselves now in what THEY want to wear. Good lord the attitude my daughter gives me sometimes when she doesnt want to wear what Ive picked out :/ (and shes only 5)
(ps.. still working on getting camera.. ive had zero time to go to the store)


  1. The baby is soo soo cute. The tax deduction onesie is hilarious.

  2. omg look at that little nugget. Adorable. LOVE your new font I totally considered that one for my blog!

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