Thursday, May 5, 2011

Weekend recaps- Busy Busy Busy

Hi ladies! I just realized I have posted in almost a month! To be honest Ive been busy and the free time Ive had I just haven't felt like downloading pictures. Which I still have to do but here's a little recap of whats been going on.

Last weekend consisted of the kids carnival, girls night out, cleaning and TONS of laundry and cheer competition. Friday night after work I took the kids to there school carnival (they begged- I caved ) But I must admit we had a pretty good time.

A must- Cotton Candy

Face Painting!!

and of course light saber balloons! lol.. Ya I ended up buying 4 of those.. My son popped 2 of them like 5 mins after he got them and my daughter lasted about 30 min before she popped hers. My son some how talked me into getting him one more as we left.. And of course I did

Went to girls night out (finally!) My friend won bottle service at Salt lounge, so we met up and had free drinks and dinner. Nothing crazy but it was just nice to get out of the house and chat with friends.
I'm the second on the right

Bartender made us these drinks. They were sweet with a hint of cucumber..

Cleaning........ I think we all know how that goes. I should open my own laundromat or something. Its insane the amount of laundry I do at my house.

My daughters is in YCOA cheer leading, we have practice every Wednesday and at the end of the semester there is always Regional competition. Competitions are so exciting you get to see all the girls perform, its so cute! So Sunday morning we were there at 8:30 till about 11ish. The one thing I really don't like its the seats.. Gosh about 30 mins in your back and a** hurt!

There are 3 tiers based on how many kids are in group and I believe its 5 or so groups in each tier. My daughter was in the second tier and guess what!!! They placed 1st!!! So state competition here we come!!

My princess!! shes so excited!
Yesterday she had practice and they perform again for anyone that missed it and also give out awards and colored poms.

This is her 4th semester achievement award

and of course not to leave out my gordo

my big boy sitting up now :) hes attempting to hold his own bottle, almost got it

lil burrito!!

hes teething!! drools on everything and anything he can get his hands on goes straight to his mouth!

Random just because-

I bought these shoes almost 1 1/2 years ago right before finding out I was pregnant. Today is the first time wearing them. Love them, there so pretty! BUT they don't love me so much, there hurt like H*LL! I'm ignoring the pain and I type.. lol

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. Your little one is so so adorable , I can't believe you are a mum of three angels!

    Thanks for commenting babe! Following you now :) x.x