Thursday, May 12, 2011


Hello ladies! So my son turned 8 in April (yes I'm a month behind on posting) I'm still in shock hes 8! 8! Makes me feel old. Hes grown up to be a very smart handsome little guy. The kid knows how to drive me crazy and then make me laugh at the same time. The joys of parenthood! lol

This year he chose Peter Piper instead of a park party. Which I was thrilled to do that, park although it seems like it would be cheaper and easier- its not! Park has I think ended up costing me more, buying all the food, decorations, drinks, park fee, bouncies/cotton candy machines and then you gotta clean up after too! Of course it would be cheaper to get no bouncy but really I think that's the only reason he always picks the park. Anyways, Peter Piper was fun, air conditioned (that's important in AZ.. lol) and super easy and affordable.

Sister, birthday boy, and friend


Star Wars theme party! And he chose an ice cream cake

See this thing right here...... It has 3,803 pieces and my jaw dropped when I found out how much it cost. Gift from grandparents

Hes really been into Star War Legos. Has quite a collection and this giant box topped it off!

He got a couple Nerf guns too! Ive been that parent of no toy guns, but I must admit these were SO FUN to play with!! I still don't buy him any toy guns but he has a ton of Nerf guns he plays with.

The kid came out like a bandit! lol He got a ton of clothes, Shoes, Legos, a new DS and star wars game to go with it, Star Wars Wii game, Nerf Guns, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid books ( He into those right now too).

To be a kid again!! Good times :)


  1. Hey girl!
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  2. Ur very welcome girl!

    I'm in Chandler :)