Monday, May 23, 2011

I love Target!!

I go to the store Way to much.. I always forget something or need something.. Target is my go to place! I had to shop for 2 birthday gifts and a baby shower gift, and while I was there I ventured through the baby section. Besides the gifts, diapers and baby puffs. We (me and baby) also got

Circo® Boys' Tribal Skull Laceless Sneaker

How stinkin cute are these!! Finally found a shoe that fits my chunky monkey's feet!

He wore the hat around the store, deciding whether we should purchase it or not.. I did not purchase but might pick up next time!

This was last weeks Target "haul".. At the rate he grows we shop often.
(He's wearing the AC/DC shirt above)

my gordo with his shoes!!! and one of his outfits :)


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Mine was SUPER busy as usual.. Next weekend is Castles n Coasters and possibly Vegas! and then my kids leave for the summer :( 2 months with no kids- well I will still have the baby. It will be quiet in the house!
This is the second time they are going away, It's hard for me cause I always have them.
Any one else have children that go away for the summer?
Any one else addicted to Target?? lol



  1. OMG those are so cute!


  2. Aww... I love going through the baby clothes at Target. and I don't even have babies of my own yet ha ha...

    Your baby looks too cute.

  3. omg he's the cutest love love the shoes , thanks for following me on facebook we can talk so much now !!!

  4. what a stylish little man! so handsome