Friday, May 20, 2011

Juicing and Protein Shakes

I started juicing a couple weeks ago and am completely in love doing it. Its super easy and super good for your  body. I'm pretty good about eating veggies in my diet but what better way to get all that nutrition in than drinking it up in one sitting? I try to juice at least once a day or every other day depending on what I have going on.

My favorite by far is one I kind of made up-


It comes out green, my first thought was this does not look good. BUT its very yummy!

Second one I've been doing is with


Super easy- bonus I have an orange tree so I don't have to spend $$ on this one

Here are some juicing recipes similar to the ones I make-

Cucumber Slim-Down

1 Small cucumber
2 Stalks or ribs of celery
3 Medium carrots (greens discarded)
4 Apples

Craving Buster

4 to 5 Carrots (greens discarded)
2 Handfuls of baby spinach
2 Celery stalks
1 Apple
A few fresh parsley leaves

AND since I love baking I started saving the carrot "pulp"
and using it to bake. I made 2 separate batches of carrot muffins. First ones came out awesome! Second ones not so much.... I included banana in it and something went wrong. It ended up tasting more like banana bread but didn't look so pretty :/

If you haven't tried juicing I suggest you do! Its fun to experiment with fruits and veggies and making different juices.

Ive also got myself hooked on a protein shake I make after my workouts/dinner or breakfast

1/2 cup Dark chocolate almond milk
1/2 cup water
egg white protein powder

Throw it in a blender! and its heaven!! lol





  1. im a huge fan of juicing! ill def have to give these combos a try! xo

  2. Hi! thanks for stopping by my blog and I fixed it so now you can add me. =) boys are not big fans of veggies...neither am I =/ so I should give this a try. btw, beautiful fam and your baby is just the cutest thing ever so it! lol =)

  3. i love juicing! my dad recently bought a new one off an infomercial because our old one sucks! I usually stick to pure carrot juice, or sometimes i dilute it with cucumber...soo good.