Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Gordo is 7 months!!

I seriously cant believe my baby is already 7 months! Time flies! Hes become such a good sitter now and super squirmy!! Not yet crawling but manages to turn and drag himself all over the place, or he butt scoots.. lol
He will take any straws, tissue/paper, and remote control within reach and grunts at you if he cant reach it or you take it. Its super cute!
I always get the joke I dont have a baby I have a toddler (cause of his size)... Um no.. I agree he is a big boy but hes still my little baby. Size will not take that away from me.
Currently we are working through a tooth that poked out and crawling- he seems to be pulling himself up in his crib and the ottoman in the living room.. Fingers crossed he does a little bit of crawling and doesnt skip it and go right through to walking!

new shirt- 12 months.. once I wash it im sure it wont fit :/

 so handsome :)

 peek a boo!! I see you mommy!! I was doing my makeup and heard him cracking up, he had pulled himself up and could see me.
pouty face :(



  1. Aww so cute. Makes me want to have another baby. I have 2 girls and hoping for a boy one day.

  2. i have 2 boys 1 girl. i quit having babies.. lol hope you get your boy :)

  3. your baby is so cute congrats !!! thanks for stopping by my blog !!!