Monday, March 28, 2011

Biggest Loser Contest ends today!

I'm excited to share that.......... I won the contest!!! YAY me!!! Ive been working out as much as I can and eating right (cheating a couple times) and it has paid off! My results were 17.4lbs lost. We did it as highest weight percentage lost. I came in at 8.97%

How awesome is that! I didn't lose as much as I couldve/wanted too. But I am still happy with where I am at. My workouts consisted of Jillians 30 day shred, Kangoo jumps, treadmill (cardio), hiking (when i got the chance), and any activity that kept me active. I pulled weeds two weekends in a row and man were my thighs sore after and still are!

We are starting another contest next week and I am going to enter this one also. Its great motivation to see everyone in the office eating right and not having junk food in the office anymore! So my goal on this one is 20lbs! I hope I reach it! Once I reach the my desired goal I will post before and after pics along with inches and weight lost. I'm kind of dreading doing that, but its an accomplishment and to show that it can be done!


  1. Girl congratulations on your weight lost, 17lbs is alot! Im sure you look and feel great after this accomplishment good job!

  2. that's so awesome! Congrats on your loss (and win!)