Monday, March 21, 2011

Growing stuff

Things have been a little crazy lately, I haven't blogged! Ive been so busy that I have nothing to blog about. If that makes sense? I don't want to bore you guys with craziness Ive been dealing with :)
  On a positive note, I took my kids to a Farmers Market that opens up every Thursday down the street from my house. I didn't find any fresh fruit or veggies that looked good, but of course my kids found something they wanted!
Plants! lol.. They somehow talked me into purchasing seeded plants that had started growing a little bit. For $1.50 you take home, plant, and watch it grow. For $1.50 I was ok with it, although Ive never been much of a plant person. We'll see if these make it.....

My son picked a green bean plant and my daughter a red pepper plant
lol.. my son has a goofy face in this one. It was also St.Patrick's day, hence all the green :)

Had to share pic of my son, he looks so grown and handsome! Cant believe he's going to be 8 in 2 weeks! Plus check out his custom made Ben 10 chucks (dad made) Hes proud to be the ONLY owner of them. Ben (aka Dad) even sent him a letter. Said hes been doing so good in school that he wanted him to have a pair of his shoes that no one else has. lol

And just cause I cant help myself.. here's my gordo

(What are you looking at mom?? I'm busy playing with my friends hippo and giraffe! lol)

My other handsome boy and his mini fohawk

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. my gosh frickin adorable kids! love it.

  2. im a new follower to your site. i definitely love that you're a mommy blogger. your kids are super adorable! i cant wait til my son is at the age where he can ask me to purchase him little things like that