Tuesday, March 15, 2011

30 day shred

This past Monday I went shopping for work slacks cause mine still don't fit and well I'm tired of wearing tights/leggings. What a disaster that was! Went from feeling good to totally sad/upset/depressed that none of the pants I had picked up fit. I had picked up multiple sized knowing my normal size clearly wouldn't work. After walking out with a size I was NOT OK with. I decided I need to up my game on bringing back my post baby body or at least something close to it. Ive been doing really good on my diet during the week but dam weekends always seem to get me. There's always something going on, going out to eat here, bdays, etc. AND I still haven't found enough time to work out.
So I'm putting my foot down and sticking with my plan 100%!!!!

While at the store I picked up this

it was only $9. I have p90x at home but my body is so not ready.. (that kinda sounds like an excuse- but really those are tough workouts) I started Jillian's 30 day shred last night. It explains to do Level 1 until you have it down, then move on to Level 2 and then 3. Level 1 was pretty good. I was able to stick with her, the only thing she got me on were push ups and the last little bit of jumping rope. So I intend to master Level 1 then move to Level 2. I have also started walking 2 miles on my lunch break.

I am on hunt for Tae Bo DVD's. lol I use to love Tae Bo and do it all the time, I figured I could do Tae Bo with my Kangoo Jumps on.

**I actually also just realized that I could of ordered Jillian through my Netflix plan and saved $9... Oh well. But I found Tae Bo on there. So I will update when I get my Tae Bo and start doing it with my kangoo boots! I will also update on my 30 day experience!


  1. I feel you. When my daughter is sleeping that's when I eat,clean or do whatever else I have to. And at the end of the day I'm too tired to work out. My body is a little weird right now and I gave myself 3 months to lose the weight. So far I've gave up junk food and it hasn't been hard!

  2. cool!! remember to take pics and measurements!...have fun!
    TOM means time of the month for us women...

  3. 30 day shred is classic (awesome) Jillian. Good luck!