Wednesday, March 9, 2011

4 Ways To Be More Adventurous

Article from EverydayHealth

Spring is right around the corner — there's no better time of year to try something new. If jetting off to Paris or trekking the Andes isn't in the budget, here are some low- or no-cost things you can do without leaving town.
  • Try a new food. Opening up your palate to new cuisines is a great way to experience an exotic land without the travel hassles and hefty plane fare.
  • Add some color. Put on a top in a color you're not used to wearing, or buy some new red shoes and a fun hat to brighten your look. Or, head to the salon and get your nails done in a hue that's new for you.
  • Bliss out. There are so many styles of spa treatments: hot stone massage, foot reflexology, sea salt scrub – to name a few. Try one you've never experienced and reach new heights of relaxation.
  • Face your fears. Got social anxiety? Chat up a stranger at the coffee shop. Scared of singing in public? Grab some friends and hit the karaoke bar. You'll feel a sense of accomplishment and might even discover some new friends or an activity you really enjoy.

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