Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hospital stays

About a week ago now my little princess was admitted into the hospital. Taking little ones to the ER is always scary. At least for me it is. In an older post I had mentioned that she was sick well it had gotten worse to the point she was crying in pain that her stomach hurt :(
We got to the ER around 10pm they did some tests on her and also wanted to do a CT scan on her. Before they can Scan she has to drink some liquid so her insides light up when they scan her. Of all flavors they could have they give her orange flavor (its medicine with orange flavored crystal light) She hates orange flavored anything. So it took a while I even bribed her with anything she wanted when we got home and to give her mani/pedi when we got home with whatever color she wanted...... It didn't work she didn't drink as much as she should have but they were still able to do CT scan, results made them think appendicitis because there was fluid around the area her appendix was and wanted to immediately transfer her to Shea hospital that has a pediatric intensive care that could perform surgery. I just cried the thought of all this really SCARED me.
Ambulance ride was really bumpy, my princess did awesome on the ride and didn't freak out. After two days in the hospital, multiple doctors and nursers coming in, a hard counter with a pillow on top called a "bed", conclusion was no longer appendicitis but pneumonia. What a scare, I was thankful that it wasn't something that she was going to need surgery for. She was put on rounds of antibiotics and started feeling better. They still cant really explain the stomach pains. Every time they came in and told me something different it reminded me of the show "House" the guessing game of trying to figure out what is wrong with the patient. Ultimately they said her organs had swelled causing the pain and fluid which would both go away.
The outcome to this was a happy little girl feel ALOT better
 (we made jewelry while we were there, she also got to pick her own movies, play wii, and xbox)

I have to say I hated the hospital stay but am beyond thankful for the services they provided and to help little ones feel comfortable.


  1. Sorry to hear you had to go through all that but she is so pretty and I am glad she is feeling better now.

  2. aww ,, glad shes ok now ,, shes cutie =)

  3. thank you ladies! shes back to her normal self now :)

  4. I can really relate to this post. A few months ago my daughter was hospitalized with an abscess in her neck for a week. It was such a scary experience because she was in pain the whole time up until the day she was released. It's hard watching your children go through things like this and I'm sure it was scary not knowing what was wrong with her. I'm glad she's doing well!