Thursday, January 20, 2011


So catching up on TheFreshFiends I saw La's recent post on the movie Dumplings
Reading the short movie review all I could think was YUCK! Very disturbing! And yet somehow it has me intrigued to watch the movie.... :/

If interested

Has anyone watched the movie? Im sure I will eventually end up watching it.


  1. no it came out in 2004. she found it on netflix but i would think blockbuster would carry it?? not sure

  2. haha I just read up on the link you posted about the movie. hmm. what does the dumpling has inside? I say like chopped up young women for their beauty? I want to know now, but I hate horror movies lol they scare me for weeks

  3. Im not a fan of horror movies either! lol I end up scaring myself constantly thinking about the dam movie. If I do watch this movie Im sure it will be followed by something funny!