Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rainforest Jumperoo

I just ordered this Fisher Price- Rainforest Jumperoo for my gordito. He loves to jump when you hold him and kicks up a storm.
Ive been putting off buying one cause I wasn't sure if he really needed one. But he does! He is very active and I think he would love this!! I researched a little on it and it got a lot of positive reviews. I purchased it from Walmart online (they had the cheapest rate) $65 plus tax w/free shipping, so total was $70. 
Hopefully my gordito will love it
Look at those rolls!! LOL I love em and he thinks its funny when I squeeze them :) 


  1. He's so cute!!!!! I bought the same one for my son and he loved it... =)

  2. Thank you! thats good to hear! Cant wait to try it out on him