Friday, January 14, 2011

My Day

Yesterday was a busy busy day. Woke to my daughter crying with a stomach ache and of course my son said he had one to so they stayed home with there nina. After the dr appt my daughter has a stomach flu and my son just faked the funk to stay home from school. Since he really wasnt sick he wasnt allowed to watch tv or play! He was bored out of his mind. lol. Hope he learned his lesson.
I was determined to wear my "carly" DV boots today so this is how I wore them. ( I need to get a new camera still so bare with me)
Blazer from Charloutte Russe

Top from Charloutte Russe(mine was grey) just saw there on sale for $4.. wow

Leggings from....?? IDK cant remember

DV "Carly" boots from Ross

Super comfortable outfit which im all about. (and it got the bf's attention.. lol)
After work I had to pick up flyers/posters for my BF. Ill post that later. But if you live in AZ you should come :)
Followed by meds for my daughter, pick up the baby, and then FINALLY order my eyeglases. One week short of my perscription expiring I finally ordered my glasses. lol It took me a while to find something that looked decent on my face, but I did. I get them in a week. Hopefully I get a camera by then and I can share that with you guys. I also got stuck at walmart for like an hour and half because they only had 2 lanes open :/ that sucked!
Glad that day is over and its Friday today! Yay! Hope everyone has a great day and a fabulous weekend!!


  1. Sorry to hear about the kids being sick, that is funny what you did to your son amd he got bored. Love theoutfit and thats is always good to get the bf
    I also live in AZ.