Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Date night

This past Sunday was mine and the bf's 4yr anniversary. We don't go out much now since having the baby way too much going on. But it was our anniversary and I thought it would me nice to get out of the house. I went with dinner and a movie at Ipic theaters (True Grit- good movie). The place is amazing, super nice/fancy and as we were eating at Salt lounge my bf referred to it as Vegas atmosphere. I booked the Gold class VIP seats for $35 it includes Reserved Seating, Valet Parking, Reclining Seats, Complimentary Popcorn, and In-Theater Service not to mention a blanket and pillow! And a server for the first 20 minutes of the movie

Big difference from your typical movie theaters. I don't think I can afford that every time we want to see a movie, but it definitely is a nice place to go for special occasions/girls night out/date night etc. For dinner the plan was to eat at Salt lounge

till we realized it was pretty much appetizer foods, so we ordered the chicken skewers and some drinks. I ordered the Mojitonico  it was yummy and pretty strong, but it looked like some weird plant drink with lots of cucumbers in it. This is the closest picture I could find that looked like it
We then moved on to Tanzy restaurant. Very chic very nice very expensive! But all together the experience was very nice and we had a good time. We will definitely be going back to Ipic theaters.
Here are some pics I took before our movie started

Also forgot to mention you can order anything from Salt Lounge in the movie theater (thats what the server is for.. lol) My belly was full by the time we got to the movie so I just had water and didnt touch my popcorn. The bf had some coffee and popcorn


  1. Thanks for sharing! =)
    I've been wanting to go to Ipic and Salt.. It looks really cool!

  2. Yes,Sheila is a doll! Do you live in Phx??

  3. That's awesome! I'm a AZ girl too! =)