Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today Is The Day!

So, today is the day. The day I begin writing on a blog. My first blog. I have been following a few blogs as I enjoy reading about what the outfit of the day was, where it came from, about make up and many other things, its just fun. I add a new blog each time I come across one I would like to follow. So many of you ladies take time out of your day to make a post, a daily post, make-up, fashion and daily randoms :) So, some info about me...I'm 25, mom of three. I love shopping and what makes me love it even more is when I come across a GREAT deal! I love shoes, more like shoe addict- i cant help myself :/
After spending so much time following other blogs, I thought it was about time to create my own!... Thanks to everyone for being interested! FEEL FREE to FOLLOW MY BLOG, or comment me whenever you want! I really appreciate it

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